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Adrian Peterson rips refs after loss to Rams

Seattle Seahawks running back Adrian Peterson is furious with the way the referees handled Tuesday’s loss to the Los Angeles Rams. Peterson pointed out two plays in which he believed the refs got it wrong, saying they “robbed” the Seahawks of a win.

Peterson posted a lengthy message about the game on Instagram. He tagged the NFL, NFLPA and multiple media outlets. In one part of the message, Peterson said he wanted to find a way to hold the refs accountable for missed calls. Peterson claimed his sons had tears in their eyes when they asked Peterson if the refs were making the wrong calls because “they just want the Rams to win.”

Peterson also posted a lengthy message saying he believes major plays that affect the outcome of a game should be reviewable. He called out two specific instances from Tuesday’s loss that went against the Seahawks. 

Peterson said he was not making excuses for the loss, but felt the Seahawks “got robbed” on two critical plays. Peterson said those calls resulted in a 7-point swing and took the Seahawks out of scoring position. The Seahawks lost the contest 20-10.

Seahawks called for questionable holding penalty

The first play Peterson referenced came on a third and 12 in which it appeared the Seahawks stopped the Rams. After the play, Bless Austin was called for defensive holding on Cooper Kupp. The penalty gave the Rams a first down, and the team marched down the field and scored a touchdown.

The second call came with the Seahawks fighting to get back in the contest. With under three minutes left, Seattle tried to convert a fourth down pass to DeeJay Dallas. A Rams defender made contact with Dallas before the ball got there, but the refs missed the call. 

Dallas received a 15-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct after not getting the call. The missed pass interference ended the Seahawks’ comeback hopes. The Rams kicked a field goal a few plays later, increasing their lead to 10 points with 90 seconds to play.

Adrian Peterson with the Seahawks.

Adrian Peterson wasn’t happy with the refs after Tuesday’s loss. (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)

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