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First-round quarterbacks, by team, in the Super Bowl era

With quarterbacks once again the focal point of the upcoming draft, especially in the first round, I got curious about the history of drafting first-round quarterbacks.

So I did the research, for a change. And I drew a line at 1966, the launch of the Super Bowl era.

The team-by-team list appears below, including the regular draft and the supplemental draft. The most first-round quarterbacks have been drafted by the Browns, with seven. The fewest is two — shared by the Cowboys, Panthers, Rams, Saints, Seahawks, and Texans.

The Cowboys and the Saints each used a first-round pick on a quarterback in a supplemental draft. Dallas and New Orleans, then, have only ever used a first-round quarterback in the regular draft once each. The Cowboys took Troy Aikman in 1989, and the Saints took Archie Manning in 1971.

Both of the Cowboys’ first-round quarterbacks were drafted the same year. Only a couple of months after making Aikman the first overall pick in the 1989 draft, the Cowboys used a first-round supplemental pick on Steve Walsh.

Here’s the list of all first-round quarterbacks selected by each and every team. Enjoy the rabbit hole.

Bears (five): Mitchell Trubisky (2017); Rex Grossman (2003); Cade McNown (1999); Jim Harbaugh (1987); Jim McMahon (1982).

Bengals (six): Joe Burrow (2020); Carson Palmer (2003); Akili Smith (1999); David Klinger (1992); Jack Thompson (1979); Greg Cook (1969).

Bills (four): Josh Allen (2018); EJ Manuel (2013); J.P. Losman (2004); Jim Kelly (1983).

Broncos (four): Paxton Lynch (2016); Tim Tebow (2010); Jay Cutler (2006); Tommy Maddox (1992).

Browns (seven): Baker Mayfield (2018); Johnny Manziel (2014); Brandon Weeden (2012); Brady Quinn (2007); Tim Couch (1999); Bernie Kosar (1985 supplemental); Mike Phipps (1970).

Buccaneers (five): Jameis Winston (2015); Josh Freeman (2009); Trent Dilfer (1994); Vinny Testaverde (1987); Doug Williams (1978).

Colts (six): Andrew Luck (2012); Peyton Manning (1998); Jeff George (1990); John Elway (1983); Art Schlicter (1982); Bert Jones (1973).

Cardinals (six): Kyler Murray (2019); Josh Rosen (2018); Matt Leinart (2006); Timm Rosenbach (1989 supplemental); Kelly Stouffer (1987); Steve Pisarkiewicz (1977).

Chargers (four): Justin Herbert (2020); Eli Manning (2004); Ryan Leaf (1998); Marty Domres (1969).

Chiefs (three): Patrick Mahomes (2017); Todd Blackledge (1983); Steve Fuller (1979).

Cowboys (two): Troy Aikman (1989); Steve Walsh (1989 supplemental).

Dolphins (five): Tua Tagovailoa (2020); Ryan Tannehill (2012); Dan Marino (1983); Bob Griese (1967); Rick Norton (1966).

Eagles (three): Carson Wentz (2016); Donovan McNabb (1999); John Reaves (1972);

Falcons (five): Matt Ryan (2008); Michael Vick (2001); Chris Miller (1987); Steve Bartowski (1975); Randy Johnson (1966).

49ers (three): Alex Smith (2005); Jim Druckenmiller (1997); Steve Spurrier (1967).

Giants (four): Daniel Jones (2019); Philip Rivers (2004); Dave Brown (1992 supplemental); Phil Simms (1979).

Jaguars (three): Blake Bortles (2013); Blaine Gabbert (2011); Byron Leftwich (2003).

Jets (five): Sam Darnold (2018); Mark Sanchez (2009); Chad Pennington (2000); Ken O’Brien (1983); Richard Todd (1976).

Lions (five): Matthew Stafford (2009); Joey Harrington (2002); Andre Ware (1990); Chuck Long (1986); Greg Landry (1968).

Packers (five): Jordan Love (2020); Aaron Rodgers (2005); Rich Campbell (1981); Jerry Tagge (1972); Don Horn (1967).

Panthers (two): Cam Newton (2011); Kerry Collins (1995).

Patriots (three): Drew Bledsoe (1993); Tony Eason (1983); Jim Plunkett (1971).

Raiders (three): JaMarcus Russell (2007); Todd Marinovich (1991); Marc Wilson (1980).

Rams (two): Jared Goff (2016); Sam Bradford (2010).

Ravens (three): Lamar Jackson (2018); Joe Flacco (2008); Kyle Boller (2003).

Saints (two): Dave Wilson (1981 supplemental); Archie Manning (1971).

Seahawks (two): Rick Mirer (1993); Dan McGwire (1991).

Steelers (three): Ben Roethlisberger (2004); Mark Malone (1980); Terry Bradshaw (1970).

Texans (two): Deshaun Watson (2017); David Carr (2002).

Titans (six): Marcus Mariota (2015); Jake Locker (2011); Vince Young (2006); Steve McNair (1995); Jim Everett (1986); Dan Pastorini (1971).

Vikings (four): Teddy Bridgewater (2014); Christian Ponder (2011); Daunte Culpepper (1999); Tommy Kramer (1977).

Washington (five): Dwayne Haskins (2019); Robert Griffin III (2012); Jason Campbell (2005); Patrick Ramsey (2002); Heath Shuler (1994).

First-round quarterbacks, by team, in the Super Bowl era originally appeared on Pro Football Talk

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