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I talk to Aaron Rodgers all the time and I think he’ll be at training camp

Former Packers wide receiver James Jones believes that Aaron Rodgers ultimately will get on the same page with the Packers’ front office and play in Green Bay this season.

“I truly believe that he will be there for training camp, this will get fixed, and I think the relationship will get much better between him and the GM,” Jones told Colin Cowherd.

Jones said Rodgers isn’t as down on Packers General Manager Brian Gutekinst as some people have made him out to be, nor is Rodgers as unhappy about his contract as some people have made him out to be.

“I’ve talked to Aaron. I talk to him all the time. He’s told me that it’s not about the G.M., it’s not about new money, it’s not about the G.M. So when I hear everybody say it’s about getting the G.M. fired and these things, it’s not about that,” Jones said.

So why is Rodgers not participating in the Packers’ mandatory minicamp this week?

“His No. 1 beef is a private conversation on the phone that I can’t share with you,” Jones said.

The closest Jones would come to explaining what exactly Rodgers is upset about was an indication that Rodgers’ frustration with the Packers cutting receiver Jake Kumerow extends to other players they’ve let go as well. Jones said Rodgers doesn’t object to drafting Jordan Love but does object to cutting Kumerow, Jordy Nelson and other favorite teammates.

“It’s not about who you’re bringing in, I can’t control who you draft, I can’t control who you bring in in free agency. But what I do want a little input on is the guys you’re letting out of the building. You’ve got guys like Jordy Nelson who are willing to take a pay cut to play and you say, ‘No, get out of here’ anyway,” Jones said. “I think it’s the guys getting out of the building, that he’s seen walking out of the building and still wanted to be in Green Bay and still could have been contributors to winning a championship.”

It may be too late to bring back Kumerow or Nelson, but Jones thinks it’s not too late for Gutekinst to convince Rodgers that going forward, the Packers will be a team he wants to play for.

James Jones: I talk to Aaron Rodgers all the time and I think he’ll be at training camp originally appeared on Pro Football Talk

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