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Julian Edelman explains why it was a ‘blessing’ to play for Bill Belichick

Tom Brady’s camp made some noise as of late about the quarterback’s time under Bill Belichick with the New England Patriots.

His father, Tom Brady Sr., said Belichick wanted his son out of New England and his trainer, Alex Guerrero, said Belichick never evolved as Brady grew. Belichick has a very specific coaching style and players have very different ways they perceive it.

Julian Edelman is one of the players who appreciate the coaching style and isn’t afraid to speak about it. The 35-year-old was on a Zoom call Thursday with reporters and elaborated on that admiration.

“I have a crazy amount of respect for coach Belichick,” Edelman said, transcribed by NESN. “I love the guy. Yeah, he may have been hard to play for. And, you know, (mocking Belichick’s voice), we all know Coach Bill. But he ultimately was the guy that gave me an opportunity to go out and fulfill a dream of mine. And I learned so much on how to prepare for him, and just the consistent grind and relentlessness and lack of complacency was great for me as a young adult, just to bring to my whole life.

“And you feel that with other guys as well. But with him, the way he thinks and the way he calculates. Literally, it’s been a blessing to get to go to that. I love that coaching style. That was something that I was used to growing up. I love Coach, and I appreciate him for everything he’s done for me.”

Edelman came in as a quarterback from Kent State and cemented himself as a potential Hall of Famer over the span of 12 years. He totaled three Super Bowl victories with the Patriots and quickly became a household name.

His response about Belichick isn’t surprising, as he’s spoken highly of the coach throughout his career.


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