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Melvin Gordon calls last season with Broncos one of his most difficult

Broncos running back Melvin Gordon called last year’s experience in Denver one of the most difficult seasons he’s faced.

In an interview with Troy Renck of the Denver Channel, Gordon said the combination of being brought in to seemingly replace hometown hero Phillip Lindsay, playing in front of no fans with no chance to make an in-person impressions with his new fan base, and his DUI arrest from October made his first season with the Broncos a tough one to handle.

It was probably one of my most difficult seasons,” Gordon said. “I am not going to lie. Just cause a lot of fans and a lot of people weren’t too happy with me coming in and Phil wanting to get paid and everything like that. I was like, ‘Look man, I had no parts in that. I wanted to be here and they wanted me to be here. It was a mutual thing and it kind of just happened. It was tough, man, because I felt like a lot of people didn’t accept me.”

“It was kind of like, I am from Wisconsin, and if I had gotten drafted to The Pack. I understand how people feel because it would be the same way for me if I was in Green Bay. There was never any hard feelings, but shoot, at least give me a shot. And it sucked because the (fans) weren’t there (in the stands), so they were not there in person to appreciate what I do. And with the COVID stuff and not really being able to see Denver as a whole and spend that extra time with the teammates outside of the facility, it just made things a lot tougher. So it was that on top of that on top of that on top of that on top of that. So mentally, it was like, I definitely was challenged.”

Gordon signed a two-year deal with Denver last offseason after a five-year run with the Los Angeles Chargers. While he came in to pair with Lindsay in the Broncos backfield, he was viewed as the guy to take Lindsay’s job instead. Gordon made 10 starts in 15 games for Denver last year and posted numbers similar to those of previous seasons with the Chargers. He rushed for 986 yards and nine touchdowns.

With Lindsay now in Houston, the job is Gordon’s to seize control of and he has hopes of leading the league in rushing and getting to the playoffs again with the Broncos.

“Yeah, I just want to come out and be the best back. I would love the rushing title, you know what I mean. I want to be the best back,” Gordon said. “I feel like I am so overlooked. Whatever that case may be because we didn’t get a lot of TV time with the Chargers, and last year with splitting the ball and the fans not being there because of COVID, I don’t know. But I get overlooked a lot and I am kind of sick of it.”

Melvin Gordon calls last season with Broncos one of his most difficult originally appeared on Pro Football Talk

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