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PFF ranks Bills offense in top half of NFL currently

Pro Football Focus is feeling the same way many are in Buffalo.

The football analytics outlet took what it saw from NFL offenses the past two weeks and ranked each team, head-to-head. The Bills leave something to be desired.

It’s actually not all bad. Overall, PFF ranked Buffalo as the 11th best offense in the league currently but like many there is an admission that we’ve seen better from the Bills.

Here’s the breakdown:

The Buffalo Bills righted the ship in Week 2 against Miami, but it was still quite a labored offensive performance compared to last season. Quarterback Josh Allen’s 90.9 overall PFF grade from 2020 has slipped all the way to 62.3 through two games. And while he has five big-time throws, he also has four turnover-worthy plays and is averaging just 5.3 yards per attempt. Allen was the subject of much discussion about regression during the offseason, and he now has his work cut out to prove this is just a slow start to his season and not the product of that regression in action.

It’s still much too soon to suggest that Allen is having a major regression. Through two games, he has needed to make more plays, but how much complaining can we do?

The Bills could’ve done better on offense vs. Miami. Still, the unit put up five touchdowns against the Dolphins defense. Not a bad day at the office.

Projecting forward, the Bills might start to see some more positive play on offense starting in Week 4.

This upcoming week, the Washington Football Team’s front-four could pose some problems for Buffalo’s offensive line.

After that the Bills face the Houston Texans, Kansas City Chiefs and Tennessee Titans, respectively. There are some good offenses in that bunch, but their defenses can leave something to be desired, at times.


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