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Ravens ILB Josh Bynes ‘beyond interested’ in returning to Baltimore

The Baltimore Ravens had multiple players step up and perform at a high level in 2021 that didn’t begin the season with the team. They needed to find contributors from outside of the organization with how many injuries they went through, and because of that they found some diamonds in the rough, whether they were young players or veterans.

One of the guys who came in mid-season and played extremely well was inside linebacker Josh Bynes. When asked about how much longer he’d like to play in the NFL and if he’s interested in staying in Baltimore, Bynes said he’s “beyond interested” in continuing his career with the Ravens, also citing that his body feels great.

“I am beyond interested. (laughter) No, I feel like I have a lot of ball left in me. I feel like I proved that this season. It’s not like I feel like I have one more in me kind of thing. No, I feel like I have two, three [or] four – whatever amount is given to me, because I put in that work in the offseason, take care of myself throughout the year and just know how to prepare myself week-in and week-out. That’s what it’s all about in this league, just making sure that you can keep your level of play up. I feel like I’ve done that consistently these last three years, practically – [2019] here, then last year in Cincy [Cincinnati] and then being here again. So, I want to continue that as long as I can, because I feel amazing. My body feels great, and I would love, obviously, the first thing to be back in Baltimore. This is home for me.”

Bynes made an instant impact once he was signed by the team, posting 76 total tackles, four passes defended and two sacks in 14 games. He also was a great leader in the locker room, especially for players such as fellow inside linebacker Patrick Queen, who benefitted form having a veteran next to him on the field.

It wouldn’t be shocking to see Bynes return to Baltimore in 2022, as the linebacker’s third stint with the team was extremely successful. He wouldn’t demand bank-breaking money, and certainly earned another deal to play football, whether it’s with the Ravens or another team.

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