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Sunday’s win “the perfect type” for heading into playoffs

The 49ers fell behind the Rams 17-0 in the first half of Sunday’s game and the Saints were beating the Falcons, so there wasn’t much optimism about the team’s playoff chances as games went to halftime in the late window on Sunday afternoon.

As it turns out, the 49ers were saving the best for last. They rallied to tie the game at 17 and then pulled back even after allowing the Rams to pull back in front for a touchdown to set up overtime. The 49ers took the lead with a seven minute-plus touchdown drive and then iced the 27-24 win with an Ambry Thomas interception.

The win sends them to Dallas for the Wild Card round of the playoffs and linebacker Fred Warner said the path to victory was one that will benefit the 49ers in that game.

“You want it to go well and you want to be up early and have momentum and all that kind of stuff,” Warner said, via “But I think that kind of shows the resilience of this football team, and I think that’s the perfect type of win that we needed heading into this tournament because it’s not going to be easy. The NFC is loaded with talent, and if we really want to reach our end goal, we’ve got to take it one game at a time and really dial in because we’re going to need everyone to win versus Dallas.”

Spotting teams big leads is never a great idea, but the 49ers will know that all is not lost if they do fall behind early next Sunday.

Fred Warner: Sunday’s win “the perfect type” for heading into playoffs originally appeared on Pro Football Talk

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