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Texans C Justin Britt says they have to find a way to help their defense

Houston Texans center Justin Britt was pleased with the way the defense played against the Indianapolis Colts in Week 13.

Albeit the Texans lost 31-0 to the Colts at NRG Stadium, most of the problem was due to the offense’s inability to play complementary football. Houston’s offense generated 141 yards of total offense, their second-fewest yards total offense of 2021.

“We’ve got to figure out a way to score points, stay on the field, keep our defense off the field,” Britt said. “I thought they played really hard and fought for pretty much most of the game against a really good running team. But if we leave them out on the field, then we’re not doing them justice.”

Houston’s defense procured a takeaway with a fumble and sacked quarterback Carson Wentz, limiting him to 16-of-22 for 158 yards and a touchdown. Ultimately, the ground game prevailed for Indianapolis as Jonathan Taylor finished with 32 carries for 143 yards and two touchdowns.

Maybe Taylor doesn’t have a chance to get going if the Texans offense is able to possess the ball. Indianapolis held onto the ball for 41:35 compared to 18:25 for Houston.

“We’ve just got to look at the film, figure out what happened and just stick to it, chopping wood day after day, working with a purpose,” Britt said. “A goal to go 1-0 and do what we can to get ready for next week.”

The Texans know what must be done on offense in a broad sense, but pinpointing how to achieve such objectives on a micro level has eluded Houston.

“Every play has its little ins and outs, and we know what we’re trying to do,” said Britt. “For whatever reason, it didn’t work. I can’t sit here and tell you why it didn’t. I haven’t watched the film and it’s hard to know whenever you’re trying to block, yourself. I just know that we need to stick together.”

For Britt, the key to putting together a good week that could manifest in a victory is to win in the weight room on Monday morning.

Said Britt: “Tomorrow we get in, we get in the weight room. We do that, take care of that, get our bodies back, look at the film, see what’s happening and get ready for Seattle.”

The Texans fall to 2-10 and are still on pace to have the presumptive No. 2 overall pick in the 2022 NFL draft.

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