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Week 9 Fantasy Football Blog

It’s Week 9 and we have a lot of action heading your way this Sunday. Can’t watch the games? Check in here throughout the day for all of the big plays, turnovers, scores, and injury updates from around the league.


Tua Tagovailoa

DeVante Parker

Preston Williams

Saquon Barkley

Sterling Shepard

Latavius Murray

Sammy Watkins

James Robinson

Dawson Knox

Odell Beckham Jr.

DeAndre Hopkins

Kyler Murray

4:00 pm ET

Chargers – Eagles

Packers – Chiefs

Cardinals – 49ers

INJURY UPDATE: Chase Edmonds has left the game is questionable to return.

(5:20) Ugh, Brandon Aiyuk just fumbled and the Cardinals recovered.

(5:16) The Eagles break the tie against the Chargers with a field goal with just over 20 seconds in the first half.

(5:08) After an interesting flea flicker play, James Conner got his second touchdown of the game. They lead the 49ers 14-0 with Colt McCoy under center and no DeAndre Hopkins.

(5:03) Jordan Love was almost picked off after a bad snap but Dillon came up with the football for short, five-yard gain. The field goal unit will come back for another shot after Davante Adams was held short of a first-down. BLOCKED! The kick was blocked after missing earlier in the game.

(5:00) Chargers go for it again on fourth down and again they are denied. The Chiefs also go for it on fourth down and they are also denied after Darrell Williams was stopped for a two-yard loss.

(4:51) Oh boy, A.J. Dillon got the Packers into position but Mason Crosby missed the field goal.

Jordan Howard strikes again.. he scored a touchdown for the Eagles on a four-yard rush.

(4:50) James Conner just scored a 13-yard touchdown after Chase Edmonds took a big hit and had to leave the field.

(4:36) The Chargers scored with Stephen Anderson on a two-yard pass from Justin Herbert, but Travis Kelce finally found the end zone for the Chiefs on a one-yard pass from Patrick Mahomes.

(4:21) The Chargers are in scoring position. Austin Ekeler was stuffed at the goal line and they are looking at third down and goal. They could not convert, and the field goal kicking continues into the 4:00 slate. Oh no! Never mind! The Chargers elect to go for it on fourth down, but WR Keenan Allen was just short of the goal line for a touchdown.

1:00 pm ET Final Scores

Browns 41 – Bengals 16

Broncos 30 – Cowboys 16

Patriots 24 – Panthers 6

Vikings 31 – Ravens 34

Bills 6 – Jaguars 9

Raiders 16 – Giants 23

Falcons 27 – Saints 25

Texans 9 – Dolphins 17

(4:28) The Ravens are trying to get Justin Tucker within field goal range. That’s not too hard considering he holds the record for the longest field goal. And here we go… Tucker lined up for a meager 36-yard attempt for the win. The kick is good and the Ravens take the win in overtime.

(4:17) Next score wins for either the Vikings or the Ravens.

(4:02) Josh Allen has just under two minutes to make something happen offensively for the Bills. They still trail 6-9 to the Jaguars. The Bills turn it over on downs and the Jaguars have a chance to take the win.

The Vikings and Ravens are going into overtime tied 31-31.

Younghoe Koo put the game away with a field goal and the Falcons win.

(3:57) The Vikings are in striking distance down 24-31 to the Ravens while the Falcons are also looking at a scoring chance against the Saints who had just taken the lead. The Falcons have 51 seconds to score on the 11-yard line. Oh my, the ball is out! But the Falcons recovered.

Adam Thielen scored for the Vikings and they tied up the game 31-31.

(3:52) The Browns keep piling up their lead against the Bengals. This time it was tight end David Njoku with a touchdown to bring their score 41-16.

The Raiders have under a minute in the red zone, down 16-23. Oh no! Carr just fumbled!

The Saints put points on the board with none other than Kenny Stills. They take the lead 25-24 over the Falcons.

(3:48) Oh no, Josh Allen (Bills) just fumbled. The Jaguars are in the lead 9-6 with possession and 5:30 left to go in the game.

(3:45) Ravens are on the one-yard line after Lamar Jackson near scored. They are tied with the Vikings 24-24. They hand the ball off to Le’Veon Bell for a touchdown.

The Giants kicked a field goal to extend their lead over the Raiders 23-16.

The Cowboys just saved a shutout with a touchdown pass from Dak Prescott to Malik Turner. The two-point conversion is successful with RB Ezekiel Elliott. They still trail 30-8.

(3:34) Cowboys were just picked off! Wow! They trail 27-0… at home… oh my gosh!

(3:24) The Broncos are knocking on the door yet again with a big play to Kendall Hinton. The Cowboys are still scoreless and there are 12 minutes left in the fourth quarter. Bridgewater took it in himself to keep adding insult to injury. The two-point conversion to Courtland Sutton was successful.

The Jaguars are making life hard for the Bills. The Jags are looking at third and goal but the pass was incomplete.

Marquez Callaway found the end zone for a touchdown pass from Siemian. They trail 24-13 to the Falcons.

WR Devin Duvernay tied up the game for the Ravens against the Vikings at 24-24.

(3:22) Darnold is not getting any better as the game continues. He just threw a pick in the end zone. It should be time for P.J. Walker. Walker should have just started the game in the first place.

(3:15) Saints coughed up the football and the Falcons scooped it up. Zaccheaus got his second touchdown of the game.

Josh Allen just intercepted Josh Allen! This is going to be fun all game long.

Daniel Carlson just missed a field goal for the Raiders. They still trail by four to the Giants.

(3:10) (Sigh) More kicking. Graham Gano put three more points on the board to extend the Giants’ lead 20-16 over the Raiders.

New England also kicked a field goal to pul their score 24-6 over the Panthers.

(3:05) The Browns are in scoring position again after the Burrow interception. Baker Mayfield had to throw it away on third down and they go for the field goal.

The flag was thrown on a Jaguar field goal try that missed after hitting the upright. The flag was on the offense, so they get another shot at the field goal but backed up five yards to make it a 47-yard attempt. The kick is NO GOOD… wide left… but there is another flag. Running into the kicker. They have a third chance at the kick moving back to the original spot. This attempt (42 yards) is… NO GOOD! Wide left again. The score remains 6-6 against the Bills.

INJURY UPDATE: Zach Moss is headed to the locker room.

(3:03) Oy. Joe Burrow was just picked off again.

(3:00) There are so many turnovers in the Miami-Houston game that I have lost count. Actually, it’s a total of seven. But, you know what I mean.

(2:56) The Patriots just added yet another score against the Panthers was a pick-six. Darnold does not look good today.

The Ravens went for it on fourth down and found Patrick Ricard, the fullback, for a touchdown.

The Jaguars also picked off Josh Allen while at the same time in another game, Nick Chub just broke off a 70-yard touchdown run for the Browns.

(2:54) Oh my… Dak Prescott and the Cowboys just turned it over on downs.

The Raiders have to kick a field goal and they trail the Giants 16-17.

INJURY UPDATE: Trevor Lawrence is back in the game after going to the locker room.

(2:50) Ok, Vikings! They open up the third quarter with a kick-off return for a touchdown! They have regained their two-score lead against the Ravens.

(2:46) TE Hayden Hurst was taken down at the one-yard line for the Falcons. Patterson was tripped up and lost half of a yard, but QB Matt Ryan took it in himself for a touchdown.

Broncos have to settle for a field goal after being unable to convert in the red zone, but they maintain a solid 19-0 lead over the Cowboys at home in Dallas. Wow.

(2:41) The Giants keep adding to their score with a pick-six on the Raiders.

The Panthers have been very conservative with their offense and Darnold is struggling against the Patriots. Christian McCaffrey only has seven carries for 29 yards so far.

Javonte Williams just had a physical 30-yard run for the Broncos.

(2:40) New Orleans had to settle for a field goal to put their first points on the board against the Falcons who lead 10-3.

(2:36) With 33 seconds left to play in the first half, the Dolphins are on their third attempt in the red zone after an interception on Tyrod Taylor. It’s Mack Hollins who get the touchdown for the Dolphins… because we all started Hollins in fantasy. Said no one ever.

(2:32) This is fun… Josh Allen of the Jaguars just sacked Josh Allen of the Bills.

(2:30) Guess what? That’s right, more kicking. The Dolphins just took the lead 10-6 against Houston.

Devonta Freeman scored on a pass from Jackson for the Ravens. It’s their first touchdown of the game against the Vikings.

(2:28) Carlos Hyde just fumbled and the Bills will take over on offense with 1:26 left to go in the first half. With James Robinson sidelined with a heel injury, Hyde should see a bulk of the work, especially with Lawrence in the locker room with an ankle injury. That doesn’t mean we should be excited about it… case in point.

(2:20) The Vikings just picked off Lamar Jackson and they are just inside the red zone on second down and 11 to go. Cousins couldn’t convert and they have to kick a field goal. They lead the Ravens 17-3.

Hunter Henry just scored for the Patriots to give them a 14-6 lead over the Panthers.

Tied 10-10, the Raiders are going to kick a field goal just before the half to take the lead 13-10.

INJURY UPDATE: Trevor Lawrence just went to the locker room with an ankle injury.

(2:18) More kicking… The Texans added three points against the Dolphins and trail 6-7.

(2:11) Whoops! Two defensive penalties on the Browns just negated a second interception.

The Falcons scored a touchdown with Olamide Zaccheaus. They lead the Saints, with Trevor Siemian under center, 10-0.

(2:07) Lots of kicking… the Panthers cut their deficit to one with a field goal. They trail the Patriots 7-6.

(2:03) Stephon Gilmore picked off his former team with the Patriots and the Panthers are back on offense. That has to feel good for Gilmore.

Browns kicked a field goal and extend their league 24-7 against the Bengals after the Chase turnover.

(2:01) Jaguars tied the game with a 55-yard field goal.

Ja’Marr Chase coughed up the ball and the Browns took back over on offense.

Broncos extended their lead 16-0 over the Cowboys with a field goal.

(1:55) Wow! Big touchdown catch for Donovan Peoples-Jones, 60-yard play for a score. The Browns lead 21-7. That was on top of a previous touchdown by Nick Chubb. The touchdown for the Bengals was on an 11-yard run from Joe Mixon.

(1:52) The Patriots are leaning heavily on Rhamondre Stevenson. He has 33 yards on four carries, but it’s RB Damien Harris who got the goal line look and put a touchdown on the board against the Panthers.

(1:47) Bills added another three points against the Jaguars. They lead only 6-3.

(1:46) Broncos found Tim Patrick for a 40-plus touchdown for the Broncos.

(1:42) Vikings’ fourth-down attempt was incomplete to Tyler Conklin but there was a flag. Cook got a touchdown but it’s close and will go under review. Call was reversed on the field. Cousins took it in himself for a Vikings touchdown.

Turnover against Houston was reversed! Refs called Tyrod Taylor down by contact and they will maintain possession.

(1:37) Browns get a fresh set of downs after the Bengals were guilty of defensive pass interference on 3rd down and 4 yards.

Panthers force a turnover on the Patriots and they are set up for excellent field position.

There were back-to-back turnovers in the Dolphins – Texans game. Brissett threw an interception but the Texans fumbled and coughed it up on the next play.

(1:30) Big play from Dalvin Cook for 66 yards to get the Vikings into the red zone.

(1:27) The Broncos are ready to score on 1st down and goal, but Melvin Gordon is swarmed with little gain. On the second attempt, he scored easily to give the Broncos a 7-0 lead over the Cowboys.

(1:22) Falcons have to settle for a field goal for the first points in their matchup against the Saints.

Miami, with Jacoby Brissett at quarterback, relied on RB Myles Gaskin for a touchdown against the Texans and Justin Jefferson caught a 50-yard pass from Kirk Cousins – wow!

(1:19) Jacksonville’s defense is giving Josh Allen and the Bills the business so far in this game. They are facing third and ten on the 32-yard line, but Allen is using his legs to churn out first downs.

(1:17) Josh Jacobs and Hunter Renfrow got the Raiders into the red zone and it’s Renfrow with the touchdown reception to tie the game against the Giants.

(1:12) Holy cow! The Browns just broke off a 100-yard pick-six on QB Joe Burrow and the Bengals to put seven points on the board.

Justin Tucker kicked a field goal for the Ravens against Vikings after being unable to convert in the red zone.

Jaguars also had to kick a field goal to put three on the board against the Bills.

(1:10) The Giants struck first against the Raiders with a deep pass from Daniel Jones to TE Evan Engram for a touchdown.

(1:03) Tony Pollard opened up their game against the Broncos with a return all the way out to midfield to give Dak Prescott excellent field position.

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