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Why Nick Bosa believes John Lynch’s speech to 49ers helped motivate team

Bosa explains why Lynch’s speech helped motivate 49ers originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

Losers of four straight games heading into Week 8 against the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field, the 49ers needed a kick in the pants if they wanted to turn their season around. 

General manager John Lynch did exactly that, addressing the team prior to their contest with the Bears last Sunday. 

His speech seemed to have worked, given the 49ers’ response, beating the Bears 33-22. 

Defensive end Nick Bosa joined NBC Sports Bay Area’s Matt Maiocco on the “49ers Talk” podcast where he explained why Lynch’s speech was effective. 

“Kyle [Shanahan] is great in front of the team and he does a great job of getting us in the right mindset,” Bosa said. “But when you hear the same voice every day, it can lose some of its impact. What better person to have than John Lynch, who is probably the biggest football guy I’ve ever met. Family, football and God are his three things.”

“Having him, who is great at giving speeches, his Hall of Fame speech was awesome, he did the same for us the other night.” 

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It’s not often that someone in Lynch’s position would give a speech to the players on the team. But when your GM is a former player who has experienced the grind of an NFL season, it resonates well. 

“You don’t usually hear GM talk from him,” Bosa added. “When you hear that it definitely fires you up and makes you want to live up to (expectations).”

The 49ers will look to stay motivated in Week 9 against the NFC West-leading Arizona Cardinals at Levis Stadium. 

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